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The healer has been involved in unique DIVINE LIGHT  AND ENERGY  HEALING  THERAPY since last 10+ years. He is a Certified Reiki Master (3rd level), with some experience in Accupressure & Reflexology. He has been doing his own research in the field of subtle energy channels (meridians) of the human body since the last few years and have had amazing new discoveries of LIGHT AND ENERGY CHANNELS unknown to the present spiritual energy healing community. The present form of energy healing he does, is something like Advanced Reiki. It has been developed by him with the help of Divine Powers, which is a lot more detailed and powerful. There is no physical touch involved in this therapy. He has a gifted Divine Light and Energy Healing capability, which is developed over the last few years. This healing is extremely powerful and gives fast results to the recipient. It has been proved quite successful for each person who has received this healing. There are many more invaluable benefits, which can be experienced only when you try. 

Manoj Saboo

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